Black Soap


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One of the many black soap properties is that it suits all skin types used for deep cleansing and to purify the body from dirt and dead skin. You can try using black soap to give your epidermis the beauty and radiance of your youth. By nourishing, exfoliating and and moisturizing skin, it will becomes soft and silky.

It's easy to offer yourself a skin exfoliation at home when you know how to properly use the black soap and the kessa glove. The combo cleansing solution provides a smooth base for the perfect skin from head to toe. The body looks and feel younger, softer, and silky smooth after a single use. It will give amazing results after several treatments.

How to Use

After 15 minutes in your hot bath, shower, steam room or hammam, apply soap to wet skin. Leave on for up to 10 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will be so soft!



Water, olive oil, black olive extract, potassium, eucalyptus essential oil, hydroxide, perfume.



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