Recycled Glass Beldi Jug (Green)


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Recycled Glass Beldi Jug (Green)
Recycled Glass Beldi Jug (Green)

Add a traditional Moroccan flair to your table with a Beldi Jug; perfect for sharing a cool drink with friends. Made from recycled glass with a rich emerald green hue. Also comes in emerald green.


Large elegantly shaped pitcher with thick handle, spout and distinctive horizontal belt. In Morocco the word Beldi plainly means traditional, handmade, local. Matching glasses set available.


The Kessy Beldi studio has been located in Marrakech since 1946 and is part of the oldest patrimonial venture for the country. All the products are 100% handcrafted and mouth blown from recycled glass using reusable fuels. Minor deviations from size, shape or colour are a sign of the uniqueness of each pieces. In particular the visible bubbles are trapped breath from the very Artisan that made each glass piece. These imperfection are part of the charm and beauty that made us choose them. If you want to find out more about the workshop were these are made read our Stories page.

Key Info

Process: Mouth blown by Glass blowers of Marrakesh

Material: Recycled Glass

Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm



Recycled Glass Beldi Jug (Green)
Recycled Glass Beldi Jug (Green)

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