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Moroccan Azilal Rug 1086 250 x 140cm

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A fun addition to your home. Get cozy with this Azilal rug under your feet, With its expressive color palettes this rug will add a touch of creative flair to any room. You'll continue to find interesting details in this piece the longer you enjoy it.

This is a large sized modern Azilal it features a cascading lines and blue highlights that catch the eye on a traditional cream base with abstract line pattern in black and neon flashes. 

With a medium fringe at one end, in a traditional style.

Key Info
Process: Hand Knotted

Material: 100% sheep Wool

Dimensions: 250cm x 140cm

All our rug sizes are taken excluding the tassels/fringe/pom poms.

Our Azilal Rugs are beautiful version of traditional Berber rugs handmade by women in their homes in the Azilal Mountain region of Morocco. The rugs are from all natural materials, mainly wool from the sheep that wander the Azilal region. They feature simplistic geometric shapes and patterns with sometimes dashes of vibrant colours. The symbols that are found most often on the rugs are motherhood, childbirth and marriage, symbols for good fortune and prosperity are also common. Traditional rugs have no backing with the reverse side displaying the intricate knotting and weaving of the Artisan.

No Azilal rug is like another, they are not woven for commercial purposes and most of the time do not follow any given pattern. Though we do make requests for more of design we have liked in the past.

Please note this is an old item (not vintage but can take years to makes it way from the loom to the market) and may have slight markings which show a full and well-loved life. We think these marks of history only add to their charm and desirability.

Moroccan Azilal Rug 1086 250 x 140cm - Artisan Stories
Moroccan Azilal Rug 1086 250 x 140cm Sale price$484.00 Regular price$904.00