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Moroccan Boujad Pouffe 2024

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 This Boujad Pouffe is made from a recycled rug which gives it a wonderful second life as a pouffe.

Create a comfortable stop to relax with our woven cotton pouffe, each pouffe is unique due to its handwoven property. It can be used as either an occasional chair or footrest, this compact pouffe makes a decorative and textual addition to any room. 

A red and cream block patterned rug turned into a square pouffe. 

All of our pouffes come unstuffed, they can be filled through the zip opening with a range of materials, from polystyrene balls, plastic bags, old clothing & fabrics. It is an eco-friendly way to use up recyclable materials from around your home.

For a soft and light beanbag-style finish use polystyrene balls, foam chips, newspapers, or plastic bags. For a firm finish use heavier materials like cotton, felt, or wool fibers; old bedding and towels work well. Alternatively, a local furniture upholsterer should also be able to sell you some suitable stuffing.

Key Info

Handmade on the loom. 


100% sheep wool


Approx 60cm x 60cm x 20cm 

The Boujad (sometimes written ‘Boujaad’) area of Morocco is a wide area of the Central Plains;

Rugs that are made by Berber tribes in this region are either flat-woven (kilim) or have a pile. 

These rugs are woven with a tighter knot than other styles of Berber Rug which means that less wool is used, but the geometric designs are clearer.

The colors are usually warm red, pink, and orange from natural dyes made of flowers, berries, and henna.

Designs featuring in traditional Boujad Rugs are geometric shapes and lozenges surrounded by decorative borders, checked patterns, and large blocks of color.

Moroccan Boujad Pouffe 2024 - Artisan Stories
Moroccan Boujad Pouffe 2024 Sale price$203.00