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Our Artisan Stories

*Artisan Stories is a brand made for story telling. Each of our collections come from a different maker from around the world. We launched with 5 simple collections to give you a taste of Moroccan life and are building from there with a selection of global finds. Read below more about each Artisan or their craft then browse the beautiful products they create in our online shop.


Driss Labouni (aka. MARR Labs) is a young talented Moroccan artisan using his brush to create signature symmetrical designs on a wide range of ceramic products. You'll find his signature on the bottom of every piece he makes for us.

Each piece is individually painted with care making them unique. Minor deviations in size, shape or colour may occur and are a sign of the handmade process. For us, these small imperfections make up the charm and beauty we are all about. Shop all our ceramic collection and start building your own or find out more about Driss on our stories page.

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The Kessy Beldi studio has been located in Marrakech since 1946 and is part of the oldest patrimonial venture for the country. All the products are 100% handcrafted and mouth blown from recycled glass using reusable fuels. Minor deviations from size, shape or colour are a sign of the uniqueness of each pieces. In particular the visible bubbles are trapped breath from the very Artisan that made each glass piece.

Beldi Kessy Studio

These imperfections are part of the charm and beauty that made us choose them. We pick which styles we think you'll enjoy and then stock a selection of sizes to work for any home. They are perfect for everyday necessities and very durable glassware. If you want to find out more about our glassware just ask us. 

You can shop the first upload from our Glassware collection now. Including picking up our glasses individually or saving some money by investing in a set of six. Follow us on Instagram to find out when we will be making our next product upload.