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Production, Sustainability & Our ETHICAL VALUES

Production, Sustainability & Our ETHICAL VALUES

We pride ourselves as being a small, 'slow' aka anti-mass-production company. Our products are handcrafted from natural materials by skilful artisans in Morocco. We work together with independent artists and one-man truck drivers to support their livelihood.

We highly value responsible production and use eco-friendly and/ or recycled materials as well as packaging, bringing back unique quality and tradition which is rare in the modern world.

Our artisan get fair wages they can live on, and due to the natural materials they are never exposed to a dangerous, poisonous chemical environment.

As business and production is usually a mans job in Morocco, we specifically work with women to encourage gender equality and support the community. Our range of bags made of palm leaves and shopping baskets for example have all been produced by women who would otherwise have no opportunity of income.

Moreover, the animals which supply our leather come from the Moroccan meat industry, never raised just for their leather. Under Islamic law, we ensure humane treatment of animals. They are well cared for, fed a natural diet, and free from hormones and antibiotics. Halal slaughter is believed to be more humane as it focuses on minimising the animal's pain and stress, and other animals shouldn't be witness of this process.