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Artisan Made, Handmade Leather — free Uk delivery over £150

Production & Sustainabillity

We don't mass produce and our products are made by hand. We highly value responsible production and use eco-friendly or recycled materials and packaging as much as possible, bringing back quality and tradition that had been lost over the years.

For our leather, we use vegetable tanning, which is the most environmentally friendly way to tan leather. There are no chemicals used, respecting the environment throughout the process. Natural tannins (sourced from tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots) create a firm and natural leather product that becomes softer the more you use it. Highly durable, our products become heirlooms to our customers, avoiding the waste of fast fashion while carrying timeless style. 

The animals that supply the leather come from the meat industry, they are never slaughtered just for the leather. Also, the cows and goats have big free-range lands to wander around.

With natural production, small markings like scars from the animals skin, punctures or soft creasing are no reason to throw out the whole skin, and we propose rethinking perfection and value based on it. We see it more as unique characteristics and proof of realness, rather than an imperfection.


We are always developing work with women’s in Morocco to encourage gender equality and support the community. Our range of Palm Leaves Storage and shopping Baskets have all been produced by these women who would otherwise have no chance of income.

We want you to love your Artisan Stories product as much as we do, so if there is anything that you would like to know about our ethical policies that is not mentioned above please don’t hesitate to contact us on this form here.