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AnchorCert Protect

Safe for your skin, soothing for your soul

We are proud to state that all of our jewellery is now approved by AnchorCert Protect, this is your reassurance that, when wearing ChloBo jewellery, you are protected against all known metal allergens making it safe for your skin, even if you already have allergies.

Did you know?

20% of UK consumers avoid wearing jewellery completely because of allergic reactions caused by metal allergens!

Most people who suffer due to metal allergens are allergic to Nickel but there are actually 16 different elements that could cause an allergic reaction from the jewellery you wear. Unfortunately, until now the only way to prevent a reaction is to simply avoid wearing any jewellery at all. To us this is simply unthinkable, nobody should have to avoid wearing jewellery because it could be harmful to their skin and everybody should have the right to express themselves through the jewellery they wear.

Who are AnchorCert?

Forming part of the historically renowned Birmingham Assay Office, the AnchorCert Analytical Laboratory has become one of the UK’s leading test houses for the analysis of precious metals and product safety compliance.

Through in-depth research and development AnchorCert Analytical has developed a revolutionary test called AnchorCert Pro. This test measures the levels of all 17 allergens that could be present in jewellery, to ensure each one will not cause an allergic reaction to your skin.

What do they test for?

The testing method carried out by AnchorCert Protect identifies and measures a number of elements including Nickel, Lead and Cadmium and others which have been identified as skin sensitisers such as Cobalt to ensure they do not cause ACD (Allergic Contact Dermatitis). This is in addition to the regulatory compliance to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) for Nickel and General Product Safety Regulations for jewellery.

How do I know which products are allergen free?

All of the metal elements within our jewellery have passed the AnchorCert Protect test, indicating that each of our pieces are extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that you can wear our products with confidence.

The AnchorCert Protect logo is another indicator that our jewellery has passed the allergen free tests and are all safe to wear for your skin.


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