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Our sequined Moroccan wedding blankets offer the truest taste of the traditional Berber culture. Popularly known as Handira, these wedding blankets are woven from sheep’s wool, linen, and cotton. Similar to most household accessories in the Berber culture, the Handiras come from women from the Middle and High Atlas Mountains of Morocco,  is mostly made using neutral colours, although there are handiras accented with groups of kilim patterns
The Berber tribes created the Handira because they wanted a new bride to be warm on her trip to her new home. But today, these blankets have become an icon of fashion and style even for the modern homes.
Display them as decorative wall hangings, luxe bed blankets or throws.
SIZE 205 / 110 CM
Please note this is an old item and may have slight markings which show a full and well-loved life. We think these marks of history only add to their charm and desirability.

HANDIRA 8248 - Artisan Stories
HANDIRA 8248 Sale price$257.00