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Inverted Recycled Inverted Glasses Blue

Sale price$7.00

Our glasses aren't just an object; they're a testament to Moroccan craftsmanship. 

Produced from recycled glass,

each piece is handblown which makes it rare and truly unique. With minor deviations in size, shape, and colour, each piece has the breath and skill of the artisan who made it—a reminder of the charm and beauty that makes this glass one of a kind. 

Dishwasher & microwave-safe

Process: Glassblowing
Material: Recycled Glass
Available in 3 sizes and 4 colours


Exquisitely crafted from upcycled beer and wine bottles, these sets give new life to glass that would have been destined for landfills.

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Inverted Recycled Drinking Glass Blue - Artisan Stories
Inverted Recycled Inverted Glasses Blue Sale price$7.00