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Moroccan Spherical Ceiling Lamp

Sale price$299.00

Add a unique décor touch to your home with these gorgeous handcrafted hanging Moroccan lamps! They make your interior stand out. The metal frame has been perforated by hand in a traditional Moroccan style to create a very effective diffusion of light when the lantern is lit.

Those Handcrafted Moroccan Hanging Pendant Lights ceiling lamp is a versatile piece because it hangs well in your hallway or living room, among other things. This Hand-perforated brass lamp throws a charming set of floral wheels across the space it inhabits.

These pieces offer an exotic touch of luxury to any space

Please note: This is sold as a light fixture only. Ceiling hook/rose, light fitting/flex sold separately.

Key info

Size: D 30 cm

       D 40 cm

       D 50 cm

Material: Brass

Color: Silver, Gold

non-LED lightbulbs  needed to create the shadow patterns

Moroccan Spherical Ceiling Lamp - Artisan Stories
Moroccan Spherical Ceiling Lamp Sale price$299.00