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Morrocan Azilal 0884

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100% high quality wool Berber Rugs, Azilal Rugs are handmade by women in their homes in the Azilal Mountain region of Morocco.

The rugs are made from wool from the sheep that wander the Azilal region.

They feature simplistic geometric shapes and patterns with sometimes dashes of vibrant colours.

  Each rug is hand knotted from organic undyed natural wool, Beautiful, sumptuous, soft  woven from the weavers imagination, The symbols that are found most often on the rugs are motherhood, childbirth and marriage, symbols for good fortune and prosperity are also common.

Traditional rugs have no backing with the reverse side displaying the intricate knotting and weaving of the Artisan.

 Azilal rugs have become a popular alternative to the minimalist, they are increasingly hard to find and are amongst the most highly sought after Berber tribal rugs making it a highly collectible piece

No Azilal rug is like another, they are not woven for commercial purposes and do not follow any given pattern. 

Dimensions: 250 x 150cm

Morrocan Azilal 0884 - Artisan Stories
Morrocan Azilal 0884 Sale price$631.00 Regular price$1,011.00